911 in History

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Manufactured by the Porsche AG firm in Stuttgart, Germany, it’s a truly distinctive design that features a rear engine similar to the much vaunted Volkswagen (the individuals wagon according to Hitler), with independent rear suspension.

Introduced in 1963, it has undergone a lot of changes, both by private individuals and motoring companies and also by the company itself for rallying and other forms of racing. Throughout its various changes, the basic idea and form of the 911 has stayed the same.

The Porsche 911Parts is arguably the sharpest and most quick witted compact performance car in the world.
Just mention it and probably everyone will understand what you are talking about, that is, of course based on where you hail from, in Germany it is known as the nine eleven, which in America would signify the unfortunate date of GROUND ZERO and if you should call it nine one then again it’s the code for the emergency services.

Porsche AG manufactures components for all its 911’s that are available at all of its dealerships throughout the world, or direct from the factory in Stuttgart. You can also become after-market parts (these are parts that available for the 911 but aren’t made by the Porsche group). First Porsche parts from Porsche’s main dealers have a full manufacturer warranty.

The parts can be ordered through the dealership, or through Porsche’s site that’s fastened using the 128-bit SSL encryption, so the buyers credit card information is protected.

While purchasing Porsche 911 parts throughout the site, you can browse an online catalog where you can choose the part based on the requirement. There are photos of the components, which are continually being updated. This makes it much easier for the buyer to get the correct part for his 911.

A core is the old part you are replacing. When you buy a re-manufactured part, manufacturers want the core so that they can reconstruct it and add it to their inventory.

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